Express yourself with DIY Fashion Line Lime Crime

Doe Deere, who was born in Russia and now resides in Los Angeles, is the owner of a DIY fashion line called Lime Crime. She is a firm believer in the fact that every person has something special about them and everyone should follow their dreams. She started out living her dream as a musician in New York, she was in a band with included a man who would later become her husband. Soon after she began to find her passion in makeup when she was barely a teenager. In 2004, she created an eBay account named “limecrime” for her DIY fashion line. She modeled everything herself and noticed how the colors of her makeup were hard to find. Her fashion line called Lime Crime was launched in 2008.

Doe Deere first began selling temporary tattoos, they became very popular among her classmates. She realized how strongly she felt about makeup and realized that other people felt this way as well. Most of her makeup consists of bright colors, which in 2008 was a rarity among the fashion industry. The bright colors in her fashion line made her unique and stand out, especially to those who also enjoyed these colors just as much at her and felt as if they were misfits because of it. One of her most popular items is the liquid-to-matte lipstick which stays on and doesn’t crumble. This is an item she worked in a lab with a chemist for months until she felt it was perfect. That is how passionate she is about her products. Besides being a hard worker for her successful business Lime Crime, she treats all of her employees with the utmost respect strives to motivate them and makes sure that every single person feels appreciated. Doe Deere is an inspiration to many and is living proof that dreams do come true, and being different is not a bad thing. She believes that every woman expresses herself by the way they dress, the makeup they wear and how they do their hair. She feels as if makeup gives every woman a sense of freedom to express themselves however they want to.

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Andrew Wirth of Squaw Valley Appointed to Reno Airport Board

Andy Wirth is a well-known executive in the mountain and ski resort industry. He is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, a company which owns two major resorts in the Lake Tahoe area, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. With more than 25 years in the ski resort business, his knowledge and expertise in the field are highly regarded.

Wirth holds a bachelor’s degree in natural resources from Colorado State University and started his career in the resort business as an intern in a major resort company in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Working his way up the ranks, he eventually became executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Intrawest. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

While at Intrawest, he was in charge of marketing for a global network of resorts. During his time in Steamboat Springs, he was extremely involved in civic and environmental causes, such as the Mountain Village Partnership (MVP).

In 2010, Andy Wirth took the helm of Squaw Valley Partnership, and in 2011 Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow resorts merged through an acquisition process that Wirth spearheaded. Squaw Valley Partnership now offers an unparalleled 6,000 acres for skiers.

Andy Wirth is also an active outdoorsman. In 2010, he was permanently injured after surviving an 8,000-foot skydiving fall. Despite narrowly surviving the accident, he continues to train as a dedicated amateur athlete, regularly entering Ironman competitions. His experience led to his bonding with several ex-SEAL members, and as a result, he has been active in fund raising for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which helps returning SEALs and families of the fallen.

Despite the setback, Andy Wirth continues to be active with his community involvement. He was recently appointed chair of the Reno Airport Board. He resides in Truckee, California area, with his wife, Karen, a real estate attorney, who is also an avid philanthropist and community leader.

An Overview Of Investment Banking And The Position Of Madison Street Capital In The Industry

An investment bank is an institution that supports corporations, individuals, and governments to raise financial capital through underwriting activities. The bank also stands in as an agent to its clients during the issuance of securities. Companies that are looking to initiate mergers and acquisitions may also benefit from the services of an investment bank as it acts as a facilitator to harmonize the process.

Investment banks differ from conventional banking institutions in various ways. One, an investment bank does not take deposits in accordance with the Glass-Steagall Act that was passed in 1933 and later repealed in 1999, therefore, the U.S. reinforced the separation between the two types of institutions. Second, an investment bank can be split to initiate both public and private functions, cites an Investopedia article.

An analogical case study
To better explain what investment banking entails, it is necessary to give a real-world example. Suppose Jades Co., a steel manufacturer wants to go public. The owner of the company contacts an investment banker from an established investment banking firm. The two strike a deal and in the process the investment banker chooses to buy 50, 000 shares of Jade Co. at a price of $12 per share, a rate the investment banker arrived at after calculations and consideration.

Therefore, the investment bank pays $600,000 for the shares, yet in the selling process the investment bank cannot sell more than 20 percent of the total shares issued. This forces the bank to lower the price to $10 per share. This means the investment banker overvalued the value of Jades Co. so in the process the bank made losses. All these activities have been undertaken on behalf of Jades, so the investment bank also takes up most of the risks while trying to promote the company to go public.

Risk management
As seen above, the investment bank takes up the role of cushioning risks on behalf of the company. Every investment bank works with trained professionals who take up the role of ensuring the transactions initiated on behalf of other firms are secure and driven to yield returns.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital, which has been in existence for years, is a leading investment banking institution. The company offers among other services acquisitions and mergers, which entails side-by-side advisory to managers looking for a way to enhance the value of their organizations. Madison Street Capital understands that clients are the most essential element for their prosperity and has invested in human resources to ensure streamlined execution of services.

The company also offers corporate advisory services, which are handled by experienced professionals. These services entail guiding clients through each phase of the corporate divestiture and sell- and buy-sides. The company has a verified capability to deliver value to different clients in distinct specialties.


Contributions Of Thor Halvorssen To Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and a film producer. He is the President of Human Rights Foundation (HRF). The foundation was launched in 2015. It is devoted to liberating political prisoners and to promoting tolerance of democracy in Latin America. He began human right activism in 1989. At that time, he organized protests in London that echoed about apartheid in South Africa.
Thor Halvorssen is half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan. He speaks accent-less English despite being born and raised in Caracas. His family has a history of victimization and oppression. Thor’s father was captured and tortured in a Caracas prison after he exposed government corruption while working as Venezuela’s drug czar. During an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration, Thor’s mother was shot. His cousin, Leopoldo Lopez is a political prisoner in a Venezuelan jail.
Thor is not a stereotypical activist. Through his foundation, he has managed to secure the release of seven prisoners of conscience, submitted amicus briefs in major human rights cases, and provided evidence to Truth Commissions. Thor has continually said that he loves people. He appointed Garry Kasparov to be the Chairman of HRF in 2011 after the death of Vaclav Havel. Garry was harassed by police officers in Russia in 2012 after he protested the guilty verdict of Pussy Riot. Thor and his camera operator did an interview with Thich Quang Do, the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. Thich had been under house arrest for 28 years. After the interview, Vietnamese authorities detained Thor. He had to lie that he was a Buddhist seeker to be released. His camera operator snuck out a side door with the video card hidden in his rectum!
Thor believes that talking about human rights is not sufficient. He says that human rights activists should be involved and get in the dirty mix. Thor considers himself a “classical liberal” in John Stuart Mill tradition. He opposes dictators of any stripe. Thor doesn’t consider a person’s political affiliation as a qualification to work with him. He works with individuals who have a similar mission of ending tyranny.

IAP Worldwide; the Global-scale logistics, Advanced Professional & Technical and Facilities Management Services Provider

IAP Worldwide is currently the best provider of world-scale logistics, advanced technical & professional and facilities management services. The company has been in service for over 60 years now. They have enough experience to serve the prospective market. The company also engages in philanthropic activities to make our world and environment a better place to stay.

It all begun back in 1953, the Pan Am World Services, Inc. had taken up a contract entailing the building and executing the USA’s 1st Space Launch Complex Base in Cape Canaveral, FL. The company carried out the testing and launching of over 2500 such Launches in this contract. They also supported the Manned Shuttle Program and first air-breathing missiles launches. Within a period of about 45 years, the Pan Am World started offering full facilities maintenance and support services like construction executive engineering services and airport master planning until the year 1989.

As of 1990, the Johnson Controls, Inc. took on Pan Am Services. The acquisition formed the Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc. The JCWS engaged in developing a new process that could increase energy efficiency. This innovative exercise also included ways to do so taking good care of the environment and an automated lighting, security and fire system. The JCWS also started offering temporary technical and personnel aid to the growing number of clients.

IAP was founded in the year 2004. In that year the company won a contract to supply generators to the U.S. Army. The country’s forces were then in Saudi Arabia. The company also secured a deal to support the Operation Desert Storm. The IAP is now in partnership with the U.S. Army. The firm is still winning various other contracts to offer its services at a global level.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Profile – The Business Journals

IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

In 2006, IAP acquired the Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. This marked the advent of IAP Worldwide Services. The company the specialized in:
– Global Operations & Logistics
– Base Operations Support Services
– Professional and Technical Services

In 2015, the firm acquired G3 Systems Limited. The G3 is a British company based in the UK; they serve the United Kingdom and the rest of the globe. The firm offers services like availing the UK government with business and international customers with a variety of facilities, solutions, and services.

The IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. today has more than 1,600 employees, 175,000 personnel and serves more than 20 states globally. The company is aware that its operations affect the environment. They have developed ways to curb this like carrying out a study to ascertain the anticipated environmental damage. The company is also involved in charity works. Almost 30% of the workers of IAP are retired combatants. This is a smooth way for veterans to fuse back into the society and still apply their skills.

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Beauty Writer Finally Tries The WEN Way For Shinier, Healthier Hair

If you haven’t heard of WEN no-lather shampoo system, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock, and that’s alright. There is always time to switch up the way you cleanse your hair and adopt a sulfate-free hair lifestyle.
Thanks to west coast stylist Chaz Dean, his WEN no-lather method uses healthy botanical in a one-bottle treatment to nourish the hair and restore vitality and shine to any hair type in any condition. See,

Bustle beauty writer Emily McClure was intrigued by the popular TV infomercials that showed stars that used WEN for bigger, more fabulous hair. Emily was hoping that WEN could transform her limp, frizz locks, so she took a 7-day hair challenge with WEN, posting her results here at Bustle. Emily even snapped hair selfies to show her progress.

During her 7-day WEN journey, Emily discovered that WEN’s cleansing conditioner worked beautifully, bringing shine, smoothness and a boost to her fine, medium-length hair, as long as she also blow-dried and styled her hair following Wen.

Emily also noticed that her hair liked being on a daily AM WEN wash, but if Emily tried to alter the schedule, then her hair did not respond as well. For example, Emily admits to being hair lazy at times, and she skipped the morning WEN wash one day, hoping her hair would still have the bounce from 24 hours ago. However, Emily says her hair went flat and oily. Another time, she decided to shower with WEN at night instead, and by morning, Emily’s hair was flat and unmanageable.

Emily thought WEN produced excellent results, and it’s clear to see from her hair selfies, that WEN really works wonders. If you can stick to the daily morning WEN wash and then a blow-dry and style, WEN will not fail you. Wen is available on high end cosmetic stores like Sephora and online too, via


Andy Wirth’s Great Love for Skydiving

In an interview with Gordy Megroz, Andy Wirth talked about the skydiving accident he experienced in October 2013.

After joining Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to become its CEO Wirth became friends with J.T. Holmes, a mountain athlete known for big mountain skiing, wing suiting and BASE jumping. J.T. Holmes helped Wirth achieve his aspiration to skydive by introducing his to Sean McCormick, a Red Bull athlete, in the spring of 2011.

Sean McCormick assisted Andy Wirth in becoming a certified sky jumper or diver. From his first jump in Perris, California, he developed an instant liking for the sport, which was akin to any addiction.

According to Crowdrise, No matter how many jumps he and his colleagues of skydivers executed, it was not enough for him. Wirth yearned for more jumps and would engage in the activity as many times as his tight schedule allowed.

Through regular jumps whenever he would get some free time, Wirth became well versed with the sport to the point that he would execute professional or complex techniques. Some of the cool stuff that he was capable of doing include the four-way inverted exits as well as the delta tracking. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The Skydiving Accident

The terrible accident happened on October 12, 2013. This was after Wirth and his colleagues opted for the drop zone in Lodi since the preferred Davis drop zone was closed because of the winds.

Things went wrong from the onset, as the pilot in charge flew a bad flight line. Consequently, this created a larger gap between the plane and the drop zone.

Due to the situation, Andy Wirth pulled his canopy at 2,500 ft. rather than his usual, 4,000 ft. AGL. He noticed the change in the wind as he had a headwind instead of a tailwind while heading into the drop zone.

His efforts to escape the power lines and land in the vineyard were thwarted by a crosswind that pushed him to the right.

Subsequently, this led to his arm being torn by a pole, which stripped his tissue right from the shoulder to the mid-forearm. Wirth quit skydiving in a bid to protect his family from emotional and psychological stress.

Detailed Facts about Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is commonly known as the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He boasts of more than twenty-five years of experience in the hotel and mountain resort industry.

During his college years at the Colorado State University, with worked for the Rocky Mountain National Parks as a backcountry ranger. Upon completion of his college years, Wirth was fortunate to begin his career at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation where he served as an intern.

His job title went through numerous transitions in the marketing department before moving to Squaw Valley in 2010.

Keith Mann Loves All Animals

Keith Mann recently gave an interview where he explained his love for animals. More importantly, he explained his love and passion to stop violence against animals. Keith Mann talked about how he has heard the voice of many criminals stating that they have no problem engaging in violence, as long as something is in it for them. Keith has come to the conclusion that it is these individuals that engage in animal abuse. That is because there is money involved for the pet owners, especially when it comes to dog fighting and the like.

Keith Mann is trying to put together a large fundraiser to raise money to stop animal abuse. Keith believes there are several organizations out there that will step up to the plate and defend this mission. He also wants to put forth knowledge, especially to young people, regarding all of the animal abuse that goes on today. Keith believes there is a lot of animal abuse going on that the media does not shed light on. They seem to only shed light on animal abuse when a famous person is involved in it.

Keith Mann has run the Dynamics Search Partners organization for many years. This is a firm that searches, and helps businesses search, for good causes to invest in. Keith makes all the final decisions in all areas of the organization. This is because of his past record with the company. He has given advice on who to hire and who not to hire, and he has also given advice on where and where not to invest.

Keith has always loved animals since he was a child. He is planning on getting a pet or two in the near future. Keith believes animals are entitled to have a bright future just like all people in this world.

Crystal Hunt: Actress, Producer, Photographer, Business Owner

Actress Crystal Hunt has had a variety of roles, she has played, during her career. Perhaps she is most well-known for her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding in the long-time running soap-opera, “Guiding Light.” She was nominated, in 2005, for an Emmy Award. The same year she was also nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award.

Traveling through her life; however, one realizes that her career started when she was just six months old working in commercials. She found her way through commercials and beauty pageants which paved her road to success that now includes TV and movies.

She was well-known for her role in “One Life to Live,” playing the role of Stacy Morasco. She is pleased to be portraying herself during the second season of the reality show, “Queens of Drama.” She says that one of her brightest moments was working with famed star Joan Collins. Collins became the well-known drama star in the hit TV series, “Dynasty.”

Crystal has expanded her career with her role in a number of movies. One of her early films, in 1991, was “Problem Child 2” in which she played the daughter. Her latest movie, in which she portrayed Lauren, was “Magic Mike XXL.” She has recently expanded her career and is now a producer. Last year she was the executive producer of “Talbot County.” Adding to her career she is also the owner of “My Pets Dream Boutique.” The high-end pet store in located in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. She has also branched out in another direction and is a photographer.

There is no doubt that the beautiful, young actress has a long career ahead. The only problem will be for her to decide if she wants to continue in all of the different occupations, or, if she will choose to devote her life and talent to maybe just one or two areas such as operating her business while acting in TV and movies.  To really get to know Crystal Hunt, be sure to follow her on Facebook.

Skout Facilitates Friendship Building, Dating and Networking With a Single App

Dating can be awesome if people know the right tools to utilize. The club will eventually get old because it will only yield the results of the same old people again and again. When people are in the same places with the same people on a regular basis they will find themselves in a rut. Singles that are trying to branch out from the rut that they may be in should consider the potential in finding dates on Skout. This is a place for individuals that are trying to find something that is different than what they have become used to.

Skout has the ability to connect people with a lot of different people around the world. This has become the app that brings local singles together and also builds bridges for couples that are willing to make the time to nurse a long distance relationship.

This is an app that is beneficial for singles, but there is no pressure to engage in dating right off the bat. Many people that signed up and start utilizing his app will simply make a decision to make friends with this app first. That is what people will enjoy about utilizing this app. That is something that allows people to take the pressure off dating because they actually get the chance to make friends and get to know one another first. Learn more from this review:

This is the ideal social media site because it incorporates a lot of different elements from other apps. People that have been trying to network with other people will certainly be able to benefit from Skout. The online Skout community is filled with many people that can lead users to better jobs. This is why many people do not spend a lot time downloading any additional apps. When they have Skout they have all that they need for networking.

The online dating community has a lot of app users as well. Skout, however, beats out eHarmony and other premium sites by allowing singles to connect for free. This is something that most app users are going to consider before they waste a lot of money on monthly fees for dating. The Skout app has millions of users so people that have this app do not have to download another dating app to their phones. Skout has managed to become the best app for building friendships. It is also the best dating app.

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